Business Types We Insure

Art Gallery / Studio

Your art and your business are not only valuable; they’re irreplaceable. Together we’ll draw up an insurance policy that financially protects your assets to ensure the longevity of your gallery or studio.

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Costume Jewelry

Your home business you’ve created is far more precious than any metal or stone. However, all three require security to shield against unanticipated risks. Our home business insurance policies cover common concerns including theft, damaged inventory, and liability.

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Vinyl / Leather

Vinyl and leather repair can include residential or commercial upholstery, auto and boat interiors, or anywhere the services of a skilled craftsman are required. We create policies with the same care you conduct your business.

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Auto Detailing & Windshield Repair

Don’t back your business into a tight spot. Any home-based automotive business needs a policy to safeguard against accidents, injury, and litigation. Our optional garagekeepers coverage is tailored to mobile auto services businesses.

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No matter how you frame it, there’s no guarantee against risk; but the right home business insurance will work to protect both your expensive equipment and your reputation.

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Handmade Goods

When you’re creating by hand, each piece is a labor of love. Make sure to protect every inch of your business entity, from the raw materials to the finished product.

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