How to Effectively Promote Your Business with Twitter – Series 3

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the three social media sites that rank the highest in engaging business-to-consumer, or B2C, customers. We’ve featured Facebook and Instagram in  prior blogs. Now the third in our series, Twitter, takes the stage.  In my opinion, Twitter’s use is often misunderstood sometimes giving it a bad rap. You may have seen in the news earlier this year that Twitter followers were down, but don’t let this deter you from considering why Twitter may be the perfect social media platform for small businesses that want consumers to know what they have to offer.

The Basics

Twitter gives you up to 140 character messages called “tweets”. Your tweets can be seen by those who follow your Twitter account. Twitter is a unique social media platform in that it enables you to connect with current and potential customers, as well as business partners, in an instantaneous and easy way. Using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy for your home based business may help increase traffic to your website, resulting in more customers seeing your products and making a purchase.

Why Twitter?

Twitter sets itself apart from other social media platforms because of the direct, brief nature of tweets. Tweets contain short, easy to read information that give the follower information quickly.  The ease of gathering large amounts of information in small sound bites encourages followers to check in frequently. Pew Research found that 36% of users checked Twitter on a daily basis and that 22% of users checked Twitter multiple times a day [1]. Twitter helps you engage with your customers more frequently to boost your brand’s exposure.

Getting Followers

Twitter followers are people with other Twitter accounts that subscribe to yours. Your followers see your tweets and can also retweet your tweets, allowing all of their followers to see what you said. Multiplying your visibility in this way is a great way to build your network of followers. It sounds easy, but keep in mind that you’ll also need to use other ways of increasing your number of followers. One of the easiest ways is using hashtags. Hashtags allow you to connect with other people on Twitter who have used the same hashtag as you and vice versa. By using relevant hashtags in your tweets, you can find other people interested in your home business’s products.  If you use Instagram, you’ve used hashtags.

Another way to get followers is through your current customer base. Twitter allows you to sync your email with your Twitter account. Twitter can then tell you who out of your email contacts has a Twitter account. You can follow them and, hopefully, they will follow you.

Do you sell your products on Etsy? Etsy uses Twitter to promote their top sellers’ products so if you’re one of them you may have potential exposure to Etsy’s 2.6 million followers.

Engaging Your Followers

Now that you have followers, you can use Twitter to create a meaningful relationship with them. Responding quickly to followers’ tweets is a great way to let them know they are valued. Tweeting open ended questions allows your followers to respond with comments or recommendations for your business. Keep your followers up to date with your home business via Twitter by tweeting about new products, sales, events or discounts.

Twitter is a great social media platform to build a unique relationship with customers. Its speed and efficiency of communication allows you to make frequent updates with your audience and enables you to build a community.

Before launching any social media campaign, be sure to understand how intellectual property rights may impact your communications. Take the time to read and understand each social media platform’s Terms and Conditions. Protect your content with trademarks, copyrights and /or watermarks to deter any third parties from re-purposing what you post without your knowledge or consent.


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