How to Effectively Promote Your Business with Pinterest — Series 4

by Kat O'Brien

June 22, 2016

In our social media series, we have covered how to effectively promote your home based business on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are among the most popular social media sites, but that doesn’t mean they are the only three. Consider Pinterest. Pinterest delivers an entirely new way to interact with customers and potential customers online.

Pinterest 101

Imagine a massive bulletin board with all different kinds of ideas pinned to it. Now imagine your own blank bulletin board. You can take any of the ideas that you like or find interesting from the big bulletin board and pin it to your own where it can be saved if you want to find it later. That, in a nutshell, is how Pinterest works.

Pinterest is a place where you can find and store new ideas. These ideas can be recipes, hairstyles, outfits, exercise routines, craft ideas etc. The list of things one can find and save on Pinterest is virtually endless. Once you join Pinterest, you can go on the site and explore its many “pins”. Pinterest defines a pin as a “visual bookmark”. Pins can be anything on the Internet. If you like something online and want to pin it to your board, you can either copy the URL and add it using the “Add+” button or download the Pinterest browser button.

If you click a Pin on Pinterest, it brings you to the original website.  You can even have multiple boards on Pinterest for different topics. For instance, you could have a board for travel tips and another separate board for Thanksgiving recipes. You can even share boards with other people and post pins on other people’s boards. Pinterest is similar to Twitter and Instagram in that you can Follow and be Followed by other people on Pinterest. Also similar to Twitter, on Pinterest you can “Repin” something that someone has already pinned. Pinterest’s strength lies in both its interactive, interconnected nature and its highly visual makeup.

The Advantages of Pinterest

There are many advantages to having a Pinterest for your business. For instance, as of September 2015, Pinterest had 100 million monthly users, meaning that those are 100 million people to potentially see your home business. Another advantage is its mobile capability. The majority of Pinterest users log on using a mobile device. If your home business’ website is not mobile capable, having a Pinterest is a way to have a mobile presence.

Pinterest could also be advantageous to you and your business if your customer base is similar to Pinterest’s user base. The majority of Pinterest’s user base are women and their biggest followers are people between ages 25-34. If this represents your customer base, then Pinterest may be an advantageous platform for your marketing efforts. Also, if this isn’t your typical customer base, but you would like to expand to reach women or people in their late 20s to early 30s, then Pinterest also may be a good place for you to market your business.

Another one of Pinterest’s advantages is its use of visuals. Pinterest is like a bulletin boards of images, listed in columns. Boards are eye catching and visual. If your business could benefit from strong visuals, then Pinterest could be an asset to you. For example, if you make jewelry or clothing, you can pin pictures of your clothing to attract followers and potential customers. Pinterest is also a place where many people post recipes or instructions for DIY projects. If you make soap, bath bombs, beauty products or any other kind of personal care product, then you could post instructions for a DIY beauty project with a captivating image to attract people to click your pin, directing them to your website. This would be a great way to drive traffic to your site, educate the public and potentially gain a wider audience.

Starting A Successful Pinterest Business Account

You can create a Pinterest account for your business here. Once you’ve created an account, congratulations! The first part is done. The following tips may help your brand new Pinterest account be successful:

  • To make your Pinterest more successful, you may confirm your website on your account. Once you have done this, your logo or profile picture will be seen on anything that is pinned from your site.
  • Once your website is confirmed you will have access to web analytics that give you data such as your followers’ interests, how many views your pins receive and what things from your site are being pinned.
  • Adding a Save button to your website makes it easier for people to pin things from your site, potentially leading to more traffic and more pins.
  • Embrace Product Pins. Products Pins are pins that navigate users to where they can buy your product. You can include price and availability as well so that everything is upfront and accessible to users.

What to Pin

Once you’ve created a Pinterest for your business and have taken the steps to make it as successful as possible, you can start the fun stuff: pinning! You want to make sure that you are pinning things that would be interesting to your followers/customers.

  • Think about who your target audience is. What do they like? What are they interested in? What would they “Repin”? For example, if you make and sell jewelry, one thing you might want to pin is something about summer jewelry trends.
  • Pinterest is highly visual, so make sure you are pinning gorgeous, eye catching images with relevant and relatable captions.
  • Keep your posts as vertically oriented as you can rather than horizontal since Pinterest works in columns.
  • Keep your pins diverse. Integrate pins from your website with pins from other sources. This creates connections between yourself and the people you are pinning from, giving you a wider network.

Build A Pinterest Following

You can begin to build a Pinterest following by optimizing your Pinterest capabilities and by pinning compelling pins. However, you can also begin to build a following on Pinterest by leveraging relationships you have already made either on social media or elsewhere.

Pinterest is a unique social media site offering new opportunities to promote your business to new people. As you embark on your promotional journey and grow your audience, don’t forget about insurance and if you have the right coverage for your business.

Before launching any social media campaign, be sure to understand how intellectual property rights may impact your communications. Take the time to read and understand each social media platform’s Terms and Conditions. Protect your content with trademarks, copyrights and /or watermarks to deter any third parties from repurposing what you post without your knowledge or consent.


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