5 Conversation Starters to Attract People to Your Booth

by Marie Bernier

July 19, 2016

Attract Customers to Your Booth

As you travel from show to show, an important thing to remember is how you treat your potential customers, starting with how you talk to or approach each of them. Your craft and booth display  attract customers, but what about keeping your potential customers at your booth long enough to show interest in and eventually purchase your crafts? You need to be able to have an easy, no-pressure conversation with customers approaching your booth or even people just passing by that might be interested in your craft. Consider these 5 conversation starters to grab the attention of potential customers:

  1. Start off with the basics. “Hi, how are you?” is definitely an easy way to start a good conversation with a customer. Starting a conversation with someone tells them that you’ve noticed them and are inviting them in to your space to browse.  Easing into a pleasant conversation with your potential customer will make them feel more welcome and they will be more responsive to you.
  2. Compliment what customers are wearing and let them know that you might have a craft to match their outfit or jewelry. Say “I love what you are wearing”.  Be sincere with your compliments; most people can tell if you’re being disingenuous. If you are able to customize your craft, be sure to let your potential customer know. People like when you notice details about them, especially if you are more than willing to help them with a particular item that they’ve been searching for.
  3. Ask a few simple questions that do not intimidate customers, but keep them interested. “What is the best thing you’ve seen at the show so far?,” “Where are you from?,” and “Did you come to the show looking for something in particular?” are perfect examples of easy questions that customers would probably be more than happy to answer without hesitation.
  4. At your booth, have a bowl of candy or other small edible snacks that customers will enjoy. As people approach your booth, they will ask you if they can take one or two pieces of what you are offering. To make sure that customers come back to the table, only put a few snacks in the bowl at a time so customers do not take a handful of candy or snacks at once. When they see that the bowl has been refilled, this will lead customers to come back to ask you if they can take more candy, thus leading to another opportunity for a first or even second conversation with a potential customer.
  5. Remember, sometimes, customers are more focused on shopping instead of talking to sellers. This also goes for shy or quiet customers. Let them know that you are there to help them if they have questions. Don’t hover over customers or follow them around as it will likely backfire on you and they may take their business elsewhere. Just politely say “If you need help with anything or have any specific questions, just let me know. I am here to help” and they should respond accordingly.



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