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The 4 “Be”s to Follow When Setting Goals this New Year

by Kat O'Brien

December 19, 2016


You’re putting up decorations, thinking of resolutions and in just a short while, you’ll probably be glued to the TV watching Times Square. That’s right, it’s almost the New Year. 2017 is right around the corner and now might be a good time to ask yourself if you’d like to see anything change next year. Maybe there’s been something that’s bugging you in your business that you keep putting off. Perhaps you wished you could have done something better in 2016. Or maybe 2016 was great and you’re just wondering how to make 2017 even better! Well if you relate to any of these situations, then here are the 4 “Be”s to think about when setting goals for this New Year:

Be specific

When you think about the goals you will set for yourself this coming year, make sure you are being specific. Set goals with due dates. For example, if one of your goals is to make more sales, consider exactly how many sales you would like to make by a specific date. Instead of setting your goal as “make more sales” set the goal of “making 10% more sales than last year by January”. This way you can hold yourself accountable. Committing yourself to specifics will also give you a better, clearer way of measuring success.

Be optimistic

Positivity is key. If you don’t believe in your goal, then you’ve already put yourself at a disadvantage.  Attitudes can make or break projects. Renowned psychologist, Albert Bandura, found that one’s belief in their success is a huge factor in one achieving success. Believe in your goals and make sure your goals excite you. This excitement will motivate you throughout the year to keep striving for those goals.

Be realistic

Set achievable goals. Maybe your goal to quadruple income in a month is a bit unrealistic. Perhaps begin with a smaller goal and then once you achieve this goal, consider setting larger ones. Also be realistic about the amount of effort and time it will take to achieve your goals. Psychologist and contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Heidi Grant Halvorson, suggests adopting a kind of “realistic optimism”. Halvorson writes, “Realistic optimists…believe they will succeed, but also believe they have to make success happen.” Essentially, don’t be a pessimist but also don’t think that you’ll achieve your goals without putting in all the hard work that’s necessary.

Be organized

Make sure that you plan a way to achieve your goals. Set daily, weekly, and/ or monthly goals and commit to them so that you can be on track. By setting smaller goals that will all culminate to your larger goal, you can both stay on top of your projects and also get the satisfaction of checking things off that calendar on a regular basis. This can make your goal seem less daunting. Obviously, things happen and deadlines get pushed back, but make sure that you are being organized so that everything can stay on schedule. Business Insider addresses this phenomenon by suggesting that people schedule in “slop time” when setting goals. This scheduled “slop time” will account for setbacks as well as your downtime. After all, achieving your goals is a lot of work and you want to schedule yourself some “you” time throughout the year.

As you set your goals, you’ll want to take into account your finances, your way of life and your industry. Will achieving your goals cause your business to grow and expand? Will you be open to more exposure and risk? Consider re-evaluating your insurance. On your path to achieving your goals for this upcoming year, don’t forget the 4 “Be”s and give your insurance a yearly checkup.



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