Privacy Policy

It is our policy that we do not share or sell the personal or private information of our customers with anyone other than in the normal conduct of insurance business in compliance with state and federal laws. Should the business needs of a particular subsidiary require deviation from this policy, the deviation shall conform with the applicable federal and state requirements regarding sharing such information.

We shall protect private information by providing a Privacy Notice to our personal lines insurance applicants and to our personal lines insureds on an annual basis. We shall provide our Privacy Policy to non-affiliated business partners such as agents, brokers and independent claim adjusters. Through our contractual provisions, we require all of our business partners to comply with applicable federal and state privacy laws, in order to protect private consumer information.

We distribute a Code of Conduct and Compliance Manual to all employees that discusses private and confidential information.

We safeguard our physical records and electronic data to prevent unauthorized use of private information. Safeguards include limited access to building facilities, stored documents, and files. Computer security includes limited access to databases and records, pass wording, firewalls and disaster recovery.

We continue to monitor our privacy protection procedures and provide education and training to its employees to assure privacy protection.

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