Insurance for Home Art Gallery/Studio Business

The classically trained artist, experimental artisan, and the curator of finished works may have widely varying tastes when it comes to the artworks they display and enjoy. Yet if you are the owner of a home based art gallery or art studio, you know that – from fine paintings to digital prints and mixed media designs – every single piece has value. Not only that, every work that’s for sale or on display is an irreplaceable piece of business property.

Your passion is not limited to the creation, presentation, or distribution of these pieces, but also in the care and preservation of them, as well. When operating out of a primary residence, you may be relying on your Homeowners Policy to stand up to unanticipated threats, should they arise. Unfortunately, many artists, managers, and gallery owners realize too late just how thin that coverage stretches.

Even a general business insurance policy, which will protect your home premises and business reputation, is not specifically tailored to safeguard the art in your gallery or studio. Consider the following:

  • Homeowners insurance does not follow you off-premises to outside shows, galleries, and displays. Is your art protected while in transit and on-site elsewhere?
  • Finished works may be of primary concern, but when you operate a business, there is much more to think about! Does your current policy take into consideration your artistic equipment and supplies, computers and inventory data?

Protect Your Gallery or Studio against Risks

Despite your best efforts and planning, there are always unforeseen hazards involved in owning and operating a business. Don’t leave your assets vulnerable! They are also exposed these and other risks:

  • Damaged Inventory – You and your associates go through great lengths when handling your artworks, but no piece is impenetrable. Perhaps your region is prone to inclement weather such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornadoes. Even when properly hung or concealed, art is still exposed to accidents and surprise events, including fire.
  • Theft – When handling high-value merchandise, thievery is always a concern. You’ll want a home based business insurance policy that covers not only the stolen artwork, but also any damages incurred to your home.
  • Accidents – No two studios or galleries are alike: each has a different architecture and design layout, classes and programming offered, and tools used on and off-site. Whether your space is open to apprentices, other artists, or the general public, it’s important to fend from liability in the event of an injury.

Lindbergh Can Provide Protection for Your Gallery or Studio Business

We offer insurance to artists and gallery managers who exhibit and sell paintings, drawings, graphics, and other objects, including sculptures, tapestries, and photographs. The artwork covered under our carriers’ policies can range from original works of fine art to mass-produced reproductions, the value of which may vary considerably.

Our home business insurance protects everything from your company’s art and merchandise, to supplies, equipment, and even your professional reputation. We even provide the option to add-on coverage for Money and Securities and Additional Insureds.

Secure your artwork and protect your business with coverage from Lindbergh. Click here to get a quote and start the process for obtaining an insurance policy that affords you invaluable protection across all facets of your business.


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