Insurance for Your Home Based Costume/Fashion Jewelry Business

At Lindbergh, we aren’t interested in insuring only businesses that sell commodities with high price tags. We understand the unspoken value in smaller novelties – a 1920’s vintage styled necklace, culturally inspired bangles and anklets, or that one-of-a-kind jewelry piece gifted on a very memorable occasion. These trinkets and treasures are the fruits of hardworking business efforts. Our interests are in protecting home based jewelry companies and you, their owner, from hazards you might not have considered previously.

It’s a truth of business: Issues can arise without warning on any given weekday. While you are busy fulfilling orders, communicating with customers, or creating a new jewelry piece, your business is left exposed to potential litigation at all times without proper insurance coverage. If you’ve found us, it means that you are highly invested in the success of your burgeoning home jewelry business. With insurance specifically detailed for costume jewelry sellers, we’ll act as your safety net to ensure that your business continues on the right trajectory.

Businesses we consider eligible for coverage through Lindbergh are those who make and/or distribute costume or “fashion” jewelry. Accessories under this class are made out of base metal that may have filling, electroplating, and overlays. They may also incorporate sterling silver and fake or semi-precious stones in their designs. We issue insurance policies for both makers of Handmade Goods as well as those who stock and sell jewelry Wholesale & Retail from home. If this describes your services, consider the ways in which an industry-specific insurance policy could safeguard your business operations, inventory, and assets in the future.

Protect Your Jewelry Business against Risks

While empowering and fulfilling, running your own business is not an easy feat! On any given day, there are dozens of tasks to handle, operations to oversee, and associates and customers to content with. Your mind is already in a million places – you shouldn’t have to worry about unpredictable business risks on top of it all. The right home based business insurance coverage will provide a shield against these and other sudden issues:

  • Advertising – Home business insurance will cover you in the event you are accused of stealing intellectual property. Even the most privy entrepreneur is liable to accidental copyright infringement. You may have a fantastic idea for your business’s slogans, branding or images, but careful it isn’t too similar to that of another company!
  • Damages – Neither your home nor your inventory is impervious to destruction. What would happen if you experienced a fire, tornado, or power outage on your property that affected your business materials and merchandise? Save yourself the headache and find an insurance company that will provide relief in times of personal and financial stress.

Lindbergh Can Provide Protection for Your Home Business

At Lindbergh, we are glad to connect our clients with carriers who offer insurance policies to businesses that handle the creation and sales of costume jewelry, specifically. We do not provide coverage for fine jewelry, defined as containing real gold or alloys and/or precious stones like diamonds, rubies, etc. The cost of fine jewelry is significantly higher than that of costume or fashion jewelry, and our interests lie in shielding the latter from unanticipated business troubles.

If you are interested in applying for home based business insurance through Lindbergh, you might also be interested in learning more about our optional policy additions. For example, Money and Securities coverage insures any business-related cash and checks if stolen or destroyed, and Identity Fraud Expense coverage works to mitigate costs related to restore your reputation following a case of identity fraud.

When you’re working to build a business that lasts, it’s important to start with a secure foundation. That’s where Lindbergh comes in. Click here to get a quote today for your business and zip code. We understand the unique needs of your home based jewelry business, and will provide you with the proper coverage accordingly.


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