Food & Vitamins Home Business Insurance

For millions of homeowners, cooking and baking is a passion that enables them to utilize their creativity, pay homage to tradition, as well as experiment with new cultural influences. It’s no wonder that many food aficionados turn their love into home-based businesses! Lindbergh helps entrepreneurs of many different specialties find insurance policies that match their specific needs.



Operations that include the creation and delivery of baked goods (such as breads, cakes, cookies, pies, rolls, donuts, dog treats, etc.) are insured under this category. Sales of decorating materials are also included.

Please note, coverage under this category does not extend to autos or trailers of any kind. Catering services are not eligible under this class, and neither are coffee or pretzel providers; please refer to Beverage sales and Hot dog/pretzel vendor subcategories for more specific information on these businesses, respectively.

You may also be interested in Additional Insureds Coverage, as some companies under this category conduct business outside of the premises on a one-off basis and require an addition to current coverage in order to conduct sales.


Beverage Vendor

This particular kind of insurance policy caters to businesses that sell beverages including coffee, tea, soda, and other drinks. Sales of alcoholic drinks do not qualify for this class.

Note: Food Contamination and Selected Products Exclusion will be attached to all policies written for this class.


Candy/Nuts Confections

Businesses under this category can and must sell one or more of the following to classify: caramelized/spiced nuts, popcorn, cotton candy, shaved ice vendors, sweet tea, hard sugar candies, creams, jellies, nougats, marshmallows, fudge, caramel, licorice, chocolates, chocolate-coated candies, and other novelty candies. Candy sales can occur on-premises, in vending machines, through fundraisers, via mail order, at trade shows, and at fairs.

The sale of ice cream and perishable foods is not eligible under this class — please refer to Dessert Vendor, Hot dog/pretzel vendor or Beverage Vendor classes.


Dessert Vendor

Dessert vendors can sell all different types of goodies, from funnel cake to churros. Lindbergh groups ice cream sales into this category, granted that the products are packaged for retail sale, such as Dippin Dots, LLC. Homemade ice cream is not eligible.

Note: Food Contamination and Selected Products Exclusion will accompany all policies written for this class.


Dry Food Products/Mixes Vendor

This classification encompasses pre-packaged products such as hot chocolate, cake mixes, seasonings, and teas. Lindbergh also includes normally pre-packaged products that can be combined into gift baskets or resold individually.

Infant formula, milk products or dietetic protein are not covered under this classification. Please see Food Supplements/Vitamins business class to find out more about how dietetic protein sales apply under our policies.

The following representatives and distributors are eligible operations for this classification: A Sandy Clough Tea, Access Ventures (dba Swiss Colony Occasions), Homemade Gourmet Inc., Inspired Aroma, Inc. Just Add Guests, Purely Gourmet LLC, Taste of Gourmet, Tastefully Simple Inc., UCAN2 Infotainment Inc. dba UCAN2 Cook!, Victorian epicure Inc., Wildtree Herbs Inc. and XanGo LLC.


Food Broker

Food brokers work as the intermediary between food manufacturers and direct clients. As the middleman, food brokers do not physically sell or have possession of the goods, nor do they possess their own inventory. Soda vending machines are acceptable under this class; food distributors are not.

Representatives and distributors of Market Day Gourmet and Two Sisters Gourmet are eligible operations for this classification.

Insured businesses under this class may also be interested in electronic data processing equipment coverage to financial protect the loss of data associated with computer or printer damage, as well as software malfunctions.


Food Product Demonstrator

Food and Product demonstrators showcase and offer samples of their respective products to potential customers at malls and other venues.

Individuals who manufacture, sell, or guarantee the receiving of products do not fall under this class. Additionally, magnetic items and products for medicinal, wellness, and weight loss do not qualify.


Food Supplements/Vitamins

Insured merchandise under this classification includes fare found in health food stores such as vitamins, supplements, herbs, health snack foods, cereals, soy-based products, beverages, and sport supplements.

We do not offer insurance to the following types of products or manufacturers:

  • Diabetic supplies
  • Medicinal products
  • Wellness products
  • Weight loss products
  • Magnetic items
  • Shaklee
  • Herbalife
  • Nikken products and ones from similar distributors

Note: Selected Products Liability and Communicable Disease Exclusion* will be attached to all policies written for this class. *Exclusion not applicable in Florida, Illinois, Texas, and Washington.


Hot Dog/Pretzel Vendor

We created a separate classification to cater to the sale of hot dogs, corn dogs or pretzels. Applicants may also sell other foods if the goods were already packaged for retail sale when purchased by the vendor, and that they remain sealed in the original packaging.

Note: Food Contamination and Selected Products Exclusion will be attached to all policies written for this class

Business owners under this classification will also be interested in Additional Insureds Coverage to ensure that you can sell at certain locations without incident.


Wedding Cake & Cookie Sales

Businesses that are eligible under this class prepare wedding cakes and cookies on premises to deliver to their clients. Coffee services are not eligible under this class – please see the Beverage Vendor category if you are interested in serving coffee or other drinks.


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