Home Business Insurance for Vinyl/Leather Goods & Repair Services

When you work with textiles day in and day out, you need a business plan that’s as tough as the materials you’re handling. In pinpointing your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, is there a gaping hole where there should be protection from potential threats and accidents? Even simple, one-man or woman operations are vulnerable to litigation without home business insurance. Fortunately, Lindbergh provides coverage options for those whose services include vinyl and leather repair, as well as vinyl lettering and the manufacturing of leather goods.

Starting a business from home is one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges a professional can take on. At Lindbergh, too often we’ve heard of fantastic business ideas and services whose success was stifled by roadblocks and unforeseen legalities. You’ve gotten this far in the building of your enterprise – don’t wait until your business is throttled by a big “what if” to safeguard your brand. Without coverage, you could wind up losing your business and even personal assets to out of pocket expenditures; ones that you never even saw coming.

As a smart business professional, you’re likely aware of the coverage provided by your Homeowners insurance. While this type of policy will generally defend against liability and assist in loss or damage of property, there’s also a lot that it won’t do. Your vinyl/leather business requires an insurance policy that provides coverage when and where it really counts.

Protect Your Vinyl/Leather Business against Risks

Even while working from home, there are numerous mishaps that can occur on your personal and professional premises. Your Homeowners policy will only protect you from select liabilities, and often there is no coverage provided for business exposures. Without a policy geared towards home based businesses, your service operations are vulnerable to risks such as these:

  • Accidents – While visiting your home business, there is always the chance a customer might become injured and wind up suing. This threat is even more likely if he or she is visiting your garage for additional maintenance, or if you have equipment and tools lying about.
  • Property Damage – When your home doubles as your workspace, any property damages suffered can be doubly devastating. Storms, fires, and other destruction can severely hinder your business operations, perhaps even damaging your client’s products. Let your insurance company shoulder your losses so you can focus on getting your business up and running again after disaster strikes.
  • Advertising – There are so many responsibilities to manage and keep track of when running your own business, it is often that services and bookkeeping are given more thought than marketing and branding initiatives. There’s always the possibility that your name, tagline, or marketing collateral inadvertently uses copyrighted property without proper permission – but you don’t have to pay for your mistake out of pocket!

Lindbergh Can Help Protect Your Home Business

We pride ourselves on partnering with a select insurance carrier who offers policies that cover services in a wide span of industries. Businesses eligible for coverage may fall into one of three categories: vinyl/leather repair, vinyl lettering, and leather goods.

  • Vinyl/Leather Repair – This may include Automotive or Other Services based from home. These businesses are focused primarily in the repair of all types of damage to vinyl and leather goods, where reparations are often done with help from commercially available repair kits. Whether tending to a car, furniture, or other product, additional services can include oiling, treatment, or maintenance.
  • Vinyl Lettering – Qualifying business services include the creation of signs from vinyl lettering, as well as their installation on storefront windows and vehicles. Sign erection is not eligible under this class.
  • Leather Goods – We cover home based businesses who manufacture leather items, ranging from luggage and briefcases to glasses, jewelry, and toiletries. Accessories or novelties can be constructed wholly or partially from leather, and can include wood, metal, or plastic reinforcements and hardware. The leather used in these products may be received from tanneries, or the businesses we cover may opt to handle the final stages of tanning themselves.

If your business qualifies for home business insurance offered by a Lindbergh carrier partner, you may also be interested in Garagekeepers Coverage, which is available to those whose businesses require the temporary housing of customers’ vehicles.
Ensure the longevity of your business services and reputation by protecting yourself from potential risks today. Peace of mind is only a few clicks away! Start by getting a quote today, and we will help you to invest in the future of your business with an insurance policy that’s built for you.


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