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What is Home Business Insurance?

Like its name implies, home business insurance provides financial coverage for ventures run out of an individual’s place of residence. Regardless of whether you’re a full-time artist or operate a part-time photography studio, it’s vital to protect your assets. As every entrepreneur knows, running small operations can be unpredictable, and it’s crucial to be prepared.

Lindbergh’s in-home business insurance caters to the specific coverage needs of this unique type of venture by financially protecting business personal property like equipment, inventory, and supplies. Additionally, a good policy addresses business-related liability, as well as the forfeited income and records that accompany a covered loss. Thankfully, home business insurance can extend beyond your property’s physically boundaries, providing protection to entrepreneurs who commute to sell products or services remotely.

Common examples in which home business insurance can help include:

  • A computer is stolen while you’re running a booth at a crafts fair
  • A customer claims that your baked goods led to food poisoning
  • Valuable equipment is destroyed, making it impossible to continue operations for a period of time

Most Homeowner’s Insurance Does NOT Cover an In-Home Business

As noted by the Insurance Agents of America, almost half of home business owners do not have the proper coverage, as many mistakenly believe that their homeowner’s insurance policy protects their ventures.

Even if your homeowner’s insurance does extend to your business, it usually covers only a few thousand dollars worth of damages. If you plan to vend your services or goods at a remote location like a farmer’s market or trade shows, this amount reduces to a mere few hundred.

Why Lindbergh Home Business Insurance?

Lindbergh Home Business Insurance is coverage specifically designed to meet the needs of home-based business owners. We work diligently to understand the nuanced requirements of particular industries, from accounting services to crafts to computer repair. In total, Lindbergh is able to procure coverage for more than 140 unique home-based business insurance policies, enabling entrepreneurs to be completely protected without excessively spending on irrelevant coverage. Essentially, Lindbergh is both thorough and cost efficient!

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Lindbergh Home Business Insurance FAQS

Do I have the ability to customize my home business insurance coverage?

We provide business owners with a broad host of policy options, including electronic data processing equipment, money and securities, additional insureds, terrorism coverage, garagekeepers coverage, and identity fraud expense coverage. You can select which additional coverage options best fit your needs, and exclude the ones that don’t! If you have questions, call us at 1-844-249-2684.

Is home business insurance tax deductible?

Yes, Lindbergh’s home business insurance policies are tax deductible. However, there are exceptions and ambiguities that make the consultation of a tax accountant or attorney invaluable. For more information about possible tax deductions for home business owners, please consult your tax advisor or the IRS website.

Why do insurance rates vary by industry?

Home businesses are widely diverse, and we meticulously construct their specific policies to reflect the differences. While there are universal commonalities all coverage plans take into account, it would do our customers a great disservice to provide a website designer and a car detailer with the same coverage options. Therefore, Lindbergh arranges individual insurance rates that reflect the unique challenges that specific home business owners face.

Why do insurance rates vary from one ZIP code to the next?

Similar to how car insurance companies factor in your location when assigning auto insurance costs, all business coverage providers consider geography when assessing the risk of insuring your home business. Don’t worry, Lindbergh’s services are available to owners in all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia. However, external factors do influence policy rates.

Can additional insureds be added to my home business insurance policy?

Often, upon written request, the option for “Additional Insureds” coverage is available, meaning that your insurance can extend to cover others. This protection can include others, such as venue owners, and if approved by the carrier, can be added to your policy at a cost of $20.00 per additional insured.

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